SAW Painting Continued

Posted by Mangozac on May 17, 2012

More painting done!

First up a shot showing what the masking is like. Fun fun! I’ve gone through a bit of Tamiya tape on this project (need to buy some more 10mm wide type).

And next the one everybody has been waiting for! I unscrewed my “painting handles” and sat it all together on the base to see how it’s coming together:

Probably wasn’t optimal to do the lower legs in brown like that, but there’s no turning back now! Oh and my taping was a bit anaemic so I’ve got a few spots of brown overspray on the desert yellow. I’ll fix them up on the weekend. Overall I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out. Obviously it still has a long way to go, but just having three colours applied really gives a feeling of progress.

Remember how I said I thought I’d damaged my airbrush needle? Well it turns out I didn’t. I think I just needed to strip it right back and give it a really good clean out. I might have had needles and nozzles mixed up too. Last night I carefully matched up the needles and corresponding nozzles and am now running my beloved 0.3mm combo again. 0.3mm really is the perfect size!

Next major step: gloss coat in preparation for oil panel lining and washing.

I guess I’d best start painting up my figures – will probably hit them with the airbrush too! Oh my Forge World tank commander turned up too so now I have to bring myself to chopping off his legs so he can be mounted in the SAW top hatch.

SAW Build: Painting Continues

Posted by Mangozac on May 13, 2012
Alright I’ve been doing a lot of painting this last week (this is what’s been keeping me from the Centurion)! First real painting I’ve done in quite a while actually! Since much of this painting process has been an educational exercise I haven’t documented much of it. But I felt that things are starting to look pretty smart now so I would take a pic 😉

Massive props go to Jas for his continual tuition (both in person and via my steady stream of messages) 😉

The technique I’m using (as taught by Jas) is “preshading” based. The process goes like this:
1. Prime (I used Tamiya Surface Primer rattle can which is grey)
2. Airbrush a black coat over the entire model
3. Airbrush a white coat, heavier on the upper surfaces (and almost non-existant on the lower surfaces) but avoiding the panel lines.
4. Coat the entire model in the base colour. The pre-shading should leave subtle variations.
5. Mask off alternate colour areas and airbrush them
6. Hand paint dark grey “metal” areas

And that brings us to where I am now. Well kind of – I’m yet to do the alternate colour areas for the legs assembly. The upcoming steps will be something like:

7. Coat with a gloss clear (wanted to use Pledge One Go but it’s not available in Oz anymore :()
8. Use oil paints to do all of the panel lining and vent areas.
9. Apply decals
10. Gloss clear coat again
11. Chipping and final detailing
12. Matte clear coat

Anyway I actually did a lot of agonising over the weekend trying to decide what secondary colour to use on the SAW. I had a look through IA3: Taros Campaign, paying particular attention to the Tau aircraft colour schemes.

There was one I liked with white detail panels, but I decided that in order to pull it off the desert yellow colour would need a brown camouflage pattern applied (as per the Barracuda in question in IA3). I really wanted to avoid doing camo on this model if I could help it (would rather practice on something else first!) so I was leaning back towards brown detail panels (from another Barracuda). In the end I bit the bullet and picked up a pot of Tamiya Nato Brown. I masked around some panels with Tamiya tape (seriously, the most awesome tape around!) and hit it with the airbrush late this arvo (yes, after spending Mothers Day with my dear Mum).

I’m definitely pleased with the results:

And that’s us up to date! I’ll get the legs assembly taped up over the next couple of nights and then hit them with the brown too. Then I have to track down a decent gloss varnish that I can airbrush. Jas was kind enough to offer some of his Pledge but I do need a more sustainable solution…