More eBay BFG

Posted by Mangozac on October 8, 2012

It’s good to know that I have fans out there on the internet looking out for me!

I’ve had some more emails to inform me of a bunch more of my resin models going up for sale on eBay from the seller “blackwater_hollow”. Questions of whether they were legitimate were again raised and so to get to the bottom of it I contacted blackwater_hollow. I was able to trace the details and confirm that these are indeed genuine casts of mine – it turns out that he picked up the kits from a person with whom I traded a whole bunch of stuff earlier in the year. Unfortunately that person had had a change of circumstance and had to offload a lot of his BFG stuff. So there you have it – these are not recasts, so feel free to bid on them!

Thanks for the heads up, internet friends!