Completed Project: Strike Cruiser Conversion Kit

Posted by Mangozac on December 29, 2011

I trust everybody had a Merry Christmas! Accompanying the festive break for me is a fortnight of holidays, which has given me some time to get stuck in and finish some projects! The first task is to knock over my pending BFG projects so that I can get back to some 28mm modelling (which I’m really starting to miss).

This is a project I’ve had on the workbench for far too long. It’s something that Vaaish approached me with early this year. The premise was that he wasn’t a big fan of the GW Space Marine Strike Cruiser design. He much preferred the FW Grey Knights Strike Cruiser, not to mention that oddly enough the FW model is half the price of the GW one! The problem with the GK SC is that it has the GK style curved prow and side fins, preventing it from fitting in to the rest of the Space Marine naval aesthetic.

So the plan was to make a new prow and side fins that could be used with either the FW or the GW Strike Cruiser models. Easy huh?

Much of the build process was chronicled in the Resin Addict Forum and yesterday I finally moulded up and cast the finished pieces. It has turned out quite nicely and in an amusing twist it turns out that Vaaish prefers the look of the conversion kit on the GW model rather than the FW one like he had originally planned to outfit his fleet with. Fortunately for him he stumbled across a glut of GW strike cruiser models for a very keen price somewhere online!

As always feedback is welcome. Enjoy!

Sneak Peak: Futuristic Infantry Parts

Posted by Mangozac on December 13, 2011

Hi blog readers, I know updates have been a little scarce of late but I’ve been pretty busy with real life stuff. I have been scratchbuilding in my limited spare time though and hope to get a couple more space ship projects finished over the next couple of weeks (read about it in the RA Forum).

Anyway the reason for this post is to mention a development with one of my little side projects. Earlier in the year I mastered a set of infantry parts to use in my SAW kit diorama. I sculpted them because I simply couldn’t find any sets of high tech futuristic infantry gear to use with my Tau snipers. So like most other things I mouled and cast them up and since I had a few spares I sent a couple of sets to my mate Seb (of Advanced Tau Tactica fame). Here’s some shots of the parts:

In a flurry of pre-Christmas modelling activity Seb has finally done something with some of the pouches, as posted on his blog: Eastern Empire.

Seb tells me that he’s been getting a few enquiries about the bits so I decided I’d best let everyone know what’s going on. I am intending to make them available for sale through a Resin Addict associate. The parts are on their way to him currently so I would expect them to be available early January.

Watch this space for more information!