Commission: BFG Inquisitorial Black Ship

Posted by Mangozac on January 9, 2011

Well I’ve been busy this past month working on a commission job: a pair of Inquisitorial Black Ships. The Inquisitorial Black Ship is a fast, heavily armed cruiser used by Inquisitorial forces as a base of operations and transport for applying Imperial justice throughout the galaxy.

The client approached me wanting two identical models made so I made the decision to base it off the standard plastic Imperial Cruiser kit and add resin conversion parts. The resin parts were originally scratchbuilt in styrene and then cast to make enough parts for the two ships.

I’ll no doubt end up doing more Battlefleet Gothic stuff again in the near future – the same client already has ideas for more stuff he’d like commissioned!

Happy New Year (for some)

Posted by Mangozac on January 2, 2011

As clich├ęd as it sounds, I really have no idea where 2010 went! I trust everyone had an enjoyable holiday break – well that is everyone other than Jon from Paulson Games and Nick from Chapterhouse Studios. You see, Games Workshop showed their true Christmas spirit and offered both of them a nice lawsuit on the 22nd of December! How thoughtful!

Anyway details of the suit can be read about about on a number of forums, like here (warning: reading thread on Dakka will destroy sanity).

But you know what? I think this lawsuit crap is just a rouse by GW to hide the shocking truth: GW actually loves Chapterhouse! This is a crazy theory I know, but I have proof! You see I was tipped off to an article on GW’s blog which showcases an army using Chapterhouse Shoulderpads! Check it out:

Screenshot of the GW blog post

Comparison of GW blog post picture to Chapterhouse shoulderpad.

The evidence is irrefutable, no?

Edit: I just thought I’d better clarify that the GW blog article linked to is not written by Gav Thorpe, but merely has a paragraph of comments contributed by him. Additionally, the person whose miniatures are pictures using the Chapterhouse products does not work for GW. I don’t think this makes things much less amusing though :)