BFG Admech Spear Prow Part III

Posted by Mangozac on July 6, 2011

Another quick update on the Spear prow project. I’ve done a fair bit of work on the Nova Cannon variant, but it still needs some further fine detailing, such as some power conduits and extra nubbins on the forward facing antenna masts to make them look less like power rams!

Ramilies Star Fort Part III

Posted by Mangozac on July 3, 2011

OK so after a lot of agitation and frustration I finally got my Ramilies assembled. Honestly it was more hassle in its worth and I’m left with a far less than perfect model. In order to get the four quadrants to align what I ended up doing was to glue two quadrants to a single pier and then place the single flat edge down on a belt dander until it was somewhat flat. This was performed for the opposite side quadrants too and then the whole lot glued together after adjusting fitment to the final two piers with a knife.

The centre towers and upper halls went on easily enough, but some sanding of the halls was required to fit them in between parts of the quadrants.

The next step will be painting and honestly I feel that to be a little daunting. I’ll probably paint it in the same base colour as the rest of my fleet (a sandy colour) so it will end up very similar to the one on the FW site. The pier roofs I will paint black. For the main colouring I figure I’ll break out my new dual action airbrush (it’s only a cheapie no-name so don’t get too excited) to make things quicker. Probably undercoat black. Basecoat brown, main coat tan and then a brown wash brushed on. Finish up with a tan drybrush and then a light bone drybrush. The big trick will be easily painting the roofs without getting the dark paint on adjacent areas…

Anyway I won’t be getting around to painting for a while so in the meantime enjoy some pics of the assembled Ramilies!