Centurion Update 17

Posted by Mangozac on November 22, 2013

I’ve got a quick update this morning showing off the reactor detailing progress. Not the best picture, but I think it conveys the gist of it. I ended up going for a pair or fans with cylindrical cowlings and am pretty pleased with how they’ve turned out. The fans themselves a Kotobukiya Modelling Support Goods option parts (ordered from Japan – I don’t know any local retailers that stock them). I also added some lifting attachment points on brackets on the rear corners of the reactor. I’ve added similar points on the front of the shoulder discs on the torso (that I didn’t realise I hadn’t taken a picture of yet).

The lifting points have a hole in them that goes all the way through, but I have a thin disc of styrene edged in the middle so that they cast easily (this then has to be drilled out during assembly of the kit, although it’s thin enough that it could just be broken out using a sharp point).


So with the reactor detailing almost done the torso is extremely close to finished. I just need to do the hinge for the hatch and finish off the neck. The interior still requires a lot of work, but that won’t stop me from hitting the exterior with some primer and even putting some of the exterior parts into silicone. Hopefully I’ll make a start on the cannons next week…

Centurion Update 16

Posted by Mangozac on November 13, 2013

More slow and steady progress, primarily on the rear of the shoulders. As you can see, I’ve added some cylindrical “capacitor” pieces and filled out the areas around the vents with some putty. I just need to add some piping between the left vent and capacitor and then I’ll try to work on finishing the reactor detailing.


If you look closely you will see that the crest on the helmet has been detailed a little further, with a ridge along the edges. I’ll have to hit it with some primer soon to see how it all looks in an even colour.


In the meantime I’ve been working with my friend Xeones, who is a whiz at mecha aesthetics. Weapon design is not my strong point, so he has put together a really cool looking cannon concept that is going to be awesome! I’ll hopefully make a start on that pretty soon, then we’ll be on the home stretch!

As always, thanks for reading!

Centurion Update 15

Posted by Mangozac on November 4, 2013

Plumage complete!


Not much to add – the head is now pretty much complete. Just needs to be fitted to the neck (I was going to do the head and neck separate but it really isn’t that necessary and the parts count is already high enough). I do want to do a head variant with some additional sensor on the side, but I’ll do that to a cast copy rather than this one.

I know a few people aren’t keen on the plume, but It would seriously take about 5 seconds to slice it off with a knife.