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Sneak Peak: Futuristic Infantry Parts

Posted by Mangozac on December 13, 2011

Hi blog readers, I know updates have been a little scarce of late but I’ve been pretty busy with real life stuff. I have been scratchbuilding in my limited spare time though and hope to get a couple more space ship projects finished over the next couple of weeks (read about it in the RA Forum).

Anyway the reason for this post is to mention a development with one of my little side projects. Earlier in the year I mastered a set of infantry parts to use in my SAW kit diorama. I sculpted them because I simply couldn’t find any sets of high tech futuristic infantry gear to use with my Tau snipers. So like most other things I mouled and cast them up and since I had a few spares I sent a couple of sets to my mate Seb (of Advanced Tau Tactica fame). Here’s some shots of the parts:

In a flurry of pre-Christmas modelling activity Seb has finally done something with some of the pouches, as posted on his blog: Eastern Empire.

Seb tells me that he’s been getting a few enquiries about the bits so I decided I’d best let everyone know what’s going on. I am intending to make them available for sale through a Resin Addict associate. The parts are on their way to him currently so I would expect them to be available early January.

Watch this space for more information!

Sneak Peek: Superheavy Assault Walker

Posted by Mangozac on November 21, 2009

With the Superheavy Assault Walker nearing completion I decided to post the following teaser. It shows all of the parts and the quantities required for each. There’s still a bit of cleanup and a second pass of priming to do but I’m hoping to build it up during my Christmas break. Stay tuned for more info!