SAW Painting Continued

Posted on 17 May 2012 by in Superheavy Assault Walker, Work in Progress

More painting done!

First up a shot showing what the masking is like. Fun fun! I’ve gone through a bit of Tamiya tape on this project (need to buy some more 10mm wide type).

And next the one everybody has been waiting for! I unscrewed my “painting handles” and sat it all together on the base to see how it’s coming together:

Probably wasn’t optimal to do the lower legs in brown like that, but there’s no turning back now! Oh and my taping was a bit anaemic so I’ve got a few spots of brown overspray on the desert yellow. I’ll fix them up on the weekend. Overall I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out. Obviously it still has a long way to go, but just having three colours applied really gives a feeling of progress.

Remember how I said I thought I’d damaged my airbrush needle? Well it turns out I didn’t. I think I just needed to strip it right back and give it a really good clean out. I might have had needles and nozzles mixed up too. Last night I carefully matched up the needles and corresponding nozzles and am now running my beloved 0.3mm combo again. 0.3mm really is the perfect size!

Next major step: gloss coat in preparation for oil panel lining and washing.

I guess I’d best start painting up my figures – will probably hit them with the airbrush too! Oh my Forge World tank commander turned up too so now I have to bring myself to chopping off his legs so he can be mounted in the SAW top hatch.

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