BFG Commission: Zeus Destroyer (Part I)

Posted by Mangozac on September 28, 2011

Hey guys,

I’m about 75% through a commission build and thought I’d share. It’s a torpedo destroyer in the same style as the other Zeus prows and ships I have done, as a commission for a client in the UK. He’s wanting quite a few of them so I’ll be casting them up. The model itself is quite tiny at only 30mm long, but has a very high level of detailing.

The photo quality is really ordinary, simply because it’s so hard to photograph styrene, and confounded by the fact that the camera is struggling to do macro shots this close. Note also that the prow is stuck on with blu-tack for the photos – once I finish this post I’ll start work sculpting the eagle figure head.

I at first had planned to have the side fins oriented horizontally, however both the client and I agreed that vertical looked cooler 😉