WIP: Helian Frigate 5

Posted on 22 Oct 2014 by in Battlegroup Helios, Work in Progress

I’ve had a heap of real life stuff going on lately that has been diverting my attention from hobby stuff. I’ve lately managed to get some more progress done on the Helian Frigate though:


There’s not a real lot to talk about. The prow has been separated from the hull (to facilitate casting). Detailing is progressing slowly. The prow is mostly done and just needs a coat of primer before I can add the final small details. Next job is to start detailing the underside.

For those who aren’t aware the Battlegroup Helios site is up at http://www.battlegrouphelios.com/, but the actual site content won’t go live until we have our first products ready to go. Vaaish has done an amazing job on the site and you’re in for a real visual treat!

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