WIP: Warhound Titan 4

Posted on 15 Feb 2013 by in Warhound Titan, Work in Progress

OK so this post doesn’t really deal with the Warhound itself but rather the diorama, for which I’ve been doing a bit more research:

As mentioned before I’m going to use a Pegasus Large Gothic Building kit, which I’ve already got ordered. They’re not particularly cheap (although admittedly much better value than GW buildings), but will provide all of the walls needed for the diorama (and then come). I must say though I think they look far more appropriate for an Imperial city than the GW Cities of Death buildings (unless they are heavily modified).

While rummaging around my (actually relatively small) hobby stash I found a GW Manufactorum building kit. I’m not keen on using any of it’s panels in my diorama as in my opinion they are quite unsuitable for this kind of standard city section. Upon opening it however I was delighted to discover that it contains a few of the gothic building accessories (such as lamps and buttresses) – including a couple of spares that I obviously kept when I sold all of my leftover CoD bits ages ago! There should be enough for the small section of city on my diorama. Still the lesson of the day is: NEVER SELL YOUR SPARE DETAIL BITS, regardless of whether you think you will use them!

The buildings will be flat roofed and I’ll probably build an aircon/air purifier unit on the roof of the main corner building to add interest.

I want to have a few pieces of furniture inside the buildings so I did a bit of searching. One thing I discovered is that there is a lot of awful looking 28mm scenery out there! I eventually stumbled across Fenris Games who have some really nice quality accessories.I’m planning to get:
Empty Bookcases
Filing Cabinets
Study Desks
They also do Filled Bookcases but I’m still deciding if there would still be books on the shelf of a war-torn city. I can’t see why not?

I have to decide if the roads are concrete, asphalt or stone. I’m thinking asphalt, since it would provide the kind of contrast with the concrete sidewalks and kerbing that I want. Can anybody suggest otherwise? I’ll put a manhole or two in the road, and a storm drain along the kerb somewhere.

Since a Warhound would weigh many, many tonnes I was wondering what its impact on the road would be. Would its feet break up the asphalt? Concrete probably wouldn’t suffer as badly. Should I make imprints in the road where the Titan has stepped, and sink its feet in slightly where it currently is?

Getting really excited about this diorama and finally building a highly detailed city section!

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