Centurion Update 8

Posted on 13 Jul 2013 by in Centurion Mecha, Work in Progress

My hobby time of late is split between painting the brass banding on the Warhound (a loathsome task) and working on the Centurion torso. The beauty of having a painting and scratchbuilding project going at the same time is that working on one is a nice break from the other (rather than spending all of my available time just paint or just scratchbuilding, which is an easy way to burn one’s self out).

I finished the basic form of the shoulder pads as per the following pictures, but I’m contemplating whether a concave curve like I’ve pencilled in on the left side of the photos might look better. I just don’t want it to look like it’s been copied from the Forge World Chaos Decimator. Once I device on that I can then start cutting out and applying the banding to the shoulder pads.

Centurion_WIP_68 Centurion_WIP_67

I’m yet to decide what’s going to happen with the chest area. Previous WIP posts have shown some armour plates there but I wasn’t completely sold on it. I think it might need something protruding a bit, as is common in many Japanese mecha designs. Either way there will be a floating armour plate protecting the abdominal mechanics. Spikes still aren’t off the table either…

Oh you can also see the progress I’ve made on the head so far. Yes it’s tiny – it’s supposed to be. Once it has a plume it will look a bit bigger ;)

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