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Posted on 17 Sep 2012 by in Battlefleet Gothic, Uncategorized

I’ve recently received a few emails from people alerting me to some eBay auctions for some of my resin Battlefleet Gothic style kits (as seen here). From what I can tell there’s nothing sinister going on here: none of them look to be recasts, but rather people just onselling kits of mine that they have acquired.

Now since I don’t advertise my BFG kits for sale you might be wondering how the have come to be on the secondhand market. I wanted to take this opportunity to explain that there have been a few avenues:

  1. Prizes: For the last few years I have sponsored the Gothicomp BFG painting competition by offering a few copies of my kits as prizes.
  2. Gifts: I’ve given copies of my kits to good hobby friends (both local and international).
  3. Paulson Games: In 2010 Paulson Games and I teamed up to sell the Zeus Light Cruisers in their online store. The feedback we received was that people felt that it was too similar to Games Workshop products so after only a couple of weeks we decided to stop selling them. A handful of lucky people managed to pick up some kits that way.
  4. Trading: A big part of the modelling hobby is bartering and trading bits with other people. I have traded many copies of my kits for other model bits I’ve been interested in.

While I’m a little upset that people are selling some of my kits on eBay, they are entirely within their rights to do so and thus I really shouldn’t complain. I can’t believe the prices they’re fetching though!

3 Responses to “My BFG Models on eBay”

  1. Commissar-Krad Says:

    Must be because they all look so great.

  2. heavygear Says:

    Da! how can our french community can get some?

    I’ve put links to some pics of them (resin addict ones) on our site…

    Now Navy players are crying in front

  3. Mangozac Says:

    Hey heavygear! Well at the moment the only way to pick some up is to bid on the current eBay auctions. Which site are you from?

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