WIP: Helian Frigate 6

Posted on 3 Nov 2014 by in Battlegroup Helios, Work in Progress

Progress continues! I’ve been doing more detailing and completed much of the bottom of the ship. I’m ready to do the final pass of detailing but before that I had to hit it with some primer to check for smoothness in a few spots. It’s mostly good, I’ll just have to run around with some Milliput to clean up a few areas.


The next step is to do all of the deck detail inset into the “intake” areas. I’ve been putting that off because it’s going to be really fiddly and there’s a lot of it to do…
Oh well, no pain no gain!

Oh and rather than make a second post I might as well share this here too (it is related):

This is the set of production master parts, taken from the first moulds of the 3D prints. I’ll use these to make multiple new sets of moulds which will in turn be used for mass production of the Dreadnought and Firedrake kits. Everything else is lined up ready to launch the new kits as soon as I’ve built up some stock. Soon, I promise!

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