Space Ship Weapons Modules

Posted on 6 Aug 2014 by in Space Ships, Uncategorized, Work in Progress

So here’s a little something else I’ve been working on recently: some alternative weapons modules for the Zeus Cruiser/Light Cruiser.

I originally set out to make a beam turret deck but somewhere along the line made some design decisions that I didn’t like so it got converted into a hanger bay. I also built up a triple-barrel beam turret (using the barrels I made for the Strike Cruiser Conversion Kit) but it turned out a little too big to use on the weapons modules.

Weapons module

But all is not lost! I’ve moulded up the hanger bay and have sanded much of the structure off a resin copy. I’ll use this as a base for a new beam turret deck 😉

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  1. Fleafa Says:

    Nice! I have been forgetting to read your blog and only just saw these!

  2. Mangozac Says:

    Thanks Ben! I really need to set up some kind of subscription/notification system on the blog…

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