Centurion Update 27

Posted on 20 Mar 2014 by in Centurion Mecha, Work in Progress

I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last post! There’s been a lot of non-hobby stuff going around here of late which has had me a bit preoccupied.

First off the big news is that Games Workshop have released their Imperial Knight kit, causing a lot of chatter in the wargaming community. Now let’s be honest, the Centurion is a similar size and type/role so one can’t help but compare. I know I’m biased, but I’m really not a fan of the Imperial Knight design. It continues with GW’s parodic style of the last couple of years and I just don’t like the proportions. I’m obviously in the minority though, as overall the kit has been well received.

Anyway back to the Centurion!

In the small bits of hobby time I have been able to scrape together lately I’ve been focusing on finalising the cannon and making up more moulds. Oh and the undesirable task of some fine detailing. I pulled the first casts from the new cannon moulds last night (only the right hand side – I’ve still got to mould the left side cannon body) and am very excited about how great it looks in resin!


I’ve also abandoned the head with the extra sensor cluster, instead opting for a cleaner design with banding around the edge of the armour. The extra targeting optics were added to the exterior of the cannon bodies instead (as seen above).


I think this looks a lot better in-situ also:

One thing I have noticed looking at the silhouette of the assembled mech is that the areas to the sides of the chest armour plate feel a little bare. So I’m thinking of taking a design cue from many other sources and add in a pair of machine guns to provide close-in defence against infantry. The position means they could even swing around to be rear facing (or one front, one rear). The downside is that this is yet another part for me to fabricate…

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