WIP: Warhound Titan 3

Posted on 13 Feb 2013 by in Warhound Titan, Work in Progress

I keep promising to post pics of the overall progress so I’ve got some really quick, terrible, low light, blurry shots to share tonight! Yay! Here’s all of the cleaned up and washed parts mounted on skewers and ready for priming/painting. I’ll probably do the priming on the weekend.


I also started planning the diorama layout on my piece of 8mm perspex. The solid line on the right is where the perspex will be cut to size. The light pencil lines show the T-intersection that the Titan will be walking around. The size of the street should be approximately to scale. At this stage I’ve abandoned any ideas of doing a snow terrain in order to save a lot of potential for grief 😉


That’s all I’ve got for now! Better pics next time I promise!

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