Happy New Year (for some)

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As clich├ęd as it sounds, I really have no idea where 2010 went! I trust everyone had an enjoyable holiday break – well that is everyone other than Jon from Paulson Games and Nick from Chapterhouse Studios. You see, Games Workshop showed their true Christmas spirit and offered both of them a nice lawsuit on the 22nd of December! How thoughtful!

Anyway details of the suit can be read about about on a number of forums, like here (warning: reading thread on Dakka will destroy sanity).

But you know what? I think this lawsuit crap is just a rouse by GW to hide the shocking truth: GW actually loves Chapterhouse! This is a crazy theory I know, but I have proof! You see I was tipped off to an article on GW’s blog which showcases an army using Chapterhouse Shoulderpads! Check it out:

Screenshot of the GW blog post

Comparison of GW blog post picture to Chapterhouse shoulderpad.

The evidence is irrefutable, no?

Edit: I just thought I’d better clarify that the GW blog article linked to is not written by Gav Thorpe, but merely has a paragraph of comments contributed by him. Additionally, the person whose miniatures are pictures using the Chapterhouse products does not work for GW. I don’t think this makes things much less amusing though :)

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  1. blind pig Says:


    You suck Games Workshop!

    Gave Thorpe himself using Chapterhouse products.

    yeah, nice one.

    Bet that Blog post gets pulled. :)

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