Centurion Update 16

Posted on 13 Nov 2013 by in Centurion Mecha, Work in Progress

More slow and steady progress, primarily on the rear of the shoulders. As you can see, I’ve added some cylindrical “capacitor” pieces and filled out the areas around the vents with some putty. I just need to add some piping between the left vent and capacitor and then I’ll try to work on finishing the reactor detailing.


If you look closely you will see that the crest on the helmet has been detailed a little further, with a ridge along the edges. I’ll have to hit it with some primer soon to see how it all looks in an even colour.


In the meantime I’ve been working with my friend Xeones, who is a whiz at mecha aesthetics. Weapon design is not my strong point, so he has put together a really cool looking cannon concept that is going to be awesome! I’ll hopefully make a start on that pretty soon, then we’ll be on the home stretch!

As always, thanks for reading!

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