Centurion Update 14

Posted on 28 Oct 2013 by in Centurion Mecha, Work in Progress

Just a quick interim update today. Detailing work is progressing slowly (and was hindered by me having to help my girlfriend with her web design assignments the last couple of weekends). You can see I’ve been working on the front of the torso. As my mate Seb pointed out when I showed him the other week, it’s a shame that much of it will be hidden behind the chest armour. I probably should have just left it bare, but those who know me know I’m too anal for that! :P

Detailing the rear reactor and exhaust system is also progressing nicely. The reactor itself still needs a lot of detailing though.



I’ve been hoping to use some brass etch for a lot of my detailing, but my latest experiments (trying to do it photo-resist style using Electrolube PRP) have been failures. The photo-resist is just way too temperamental! I should go back to using the laser transfer film (but I need to find someone with a non-Brother laser printer because Brother toner doesn’t work with the transfer film sheets).

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