WIP: Zeus Frigate 4

Posted on 12 Feb 2013 by in Battlefleet Gothic, Work in Progress

This project isn’t dead! Yeah I’ve been distracted by Warhound assembly, but I have been sneaking in some styrene work in-between ;)

Just a quick update to show how things are looking now with the fattened forward hull. The entire ship is looking quite beefy now – quite a contrast to the “lanky” nature of the GW frigates. The other side of the forward hull still needs a lot of fine detailing. I should make up the other three cannon turret domes on the lathe tonight…



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  1. jimmyzimms Says:

    She’s looking great Zac!

    Curious if you are going to drop a WB turret on top of that prow? (see GW sword class) It might exasperate previously said bulkiness on the prow though I always felt the Imperial ships were compensating for something! ;)

    Another thought is to put a small recess on the bottom that could take a bit of cut polysty fabricated lance so one could make a firestorm of it, if so inclined.

  2. Mangozac Says:

    Thanks Jimmy! Nope no battery on top of the prow – I feel that as you suggest it would make it too bulky.

    There will be a lance variant of the prow with an underslung lance – it’s half made but I need to turn up the lance barrel from some brass before I can do any more work on it…

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