Zeus Frigate WIP

Posted on 18 Jan 2013 by in Battlefleet Gothic, Work in Progress

I recently had some friends asking if I was going to round out my BFG Zeus designs with a frigate to stand in as a Sword or Firestorm. I had in fact started on such a project over a year ago but in the meantime had gotten distracted by other projects. Having just completed the epic painting project of my SAW kit (pics this weekend I promise!) I decided now was as good a time as any to finish this one off!

Upon pulling out the WIP model I discovered that I’d actually done a lot more than I’d realised, which was a nice surprise! I continued with some more detailing last night and snapped a quick WIP shot. Here it is following a shot I took very early on:



For reference those grid squares on the cutting mat are 10mm. Detailing at this size is so slow and fiddly but I am kind of used to it these days. Wouldn’t want to be doing it all of the time though! The goal is to get this one finished within a few of weeks (although real life may have other ideas!). It should make a nice little addition to my fleet :)

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