WIP: Zeus Frigate

Posted on 20 Jan 2013 by in Battlefleet Gothic, Work in Progress

I’ve just got a quick update for tonight. Have been feverishly chopping and gluing styrene over the weekend making some really good progress on the Zeus Frigate model. Have got one of the two prow styles puttied up and ready for sanding. Actually I think it might be slightly too big so I’ll probably have to sand it back to a more appropriate size. Actually prow size is such an inconsistent thing. In some of the BFG concept art the prow almost dwarfs the rest of the ship!

Note the brass etch eagle wings on the rear of the side fin. A nice little touch if I say so myself ;)

The level of detail is pretty insane – I found myself last night cutting up tiny arched windows less than a millimetre in size! This model is a little smaller than the GW Sword model but has about double the amount of detail! Those hemispheres on the side of the hull will be cannon turrets – they just need barrels added (will probably have to machine barrels out of brass to give them nice fine detail).

If all goes to plan I’m hoping to be finished by next weekend…


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