WIP: Zeus Frigate 3

Posted on 29 Jan 2013 by in Battlefleet Gothic, Work in Progress

Well despite the wild weather we’ve had over the Australia Day long weekend I managed to fit in a little bit of work on the Frigate; namely making a new prow with better proportions. The new prow is a lot thinner and slightly shorter. I had intended for it to be not as tall also, but somewhere along the line that didn’t happen (and I didn’t realise until after I’d sculpted the eagle). The height wasn’t the main problem anyway.

Despite the new prow I’m still not convinced though and I think I’ve worked out the problem: the upper half of the midships section (where the cannon domes are mounted) is too skinny. Above the cannons the design tapers to a really narrow cross section and this causes the whole section to appear skinnier than it really is. So I’m toying with some concepts for how I can bulk out this top level which I think will make all the difference ;)

The path to perfection is never simple!

Frigate_WIP_6 Frigate_WIP_7 Frigate_WIP_8

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