WIP: Zeus Frigate

Posted on 24 Jan 2013 by in Battlefleet Gothic, Work in Progress

I made a bit more progress over the last couple of nights (would have been more on schedule if damn real life didn’t keep interrupting!). The other side fin has been completed and the standard prow has had a fair bit of work done – I’ve sculpted the eagle head and one of the wings.

The last update showed the prow just after it had had putty applied. It made the prow look much too big and bulky but after it had cured the prow was sanded down and looked much more appropriate. The problem is that with the addition of the wings sculpted on the prow it has bulked up a bit more. I think it looks good side on (some may disagree), however from higher angles the prow looks too wide compared to the relatively skinny hull. This far in I really don’t want to have to rework the prow that dramatically (it would require resculpting the eagle too) to shave off some of the width, but I suspect I don’t have a choice. I’ll deliberate on it…



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  1. aussiekirgan Says:

    As with all your stuff, I love it! If you don’t want to look at a lower profile Prow (Somewhere between this and a Falchion escort), or add 2-3 mm of thickness in the centre (this woud allow people to mount a lance), then how about putting on a wider/ flatter bridge section? If that was a wide as the Prow at its broadest point it might give continuity. Either way I’m looking forward to what’s coming.

  2. Mangozac Says:

    Yeah I’m not a fan of the low profile prows like on the Falchions. I’ve begun work bulking out the forward hull section and I can already tell that’s exactly what was needed!

    It doesn’t need room to mount a lance turret on top because I’m concurrently building an alternate lance prow with the lance itself underslung.

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