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Posted on 8 Oct 2012 by in Battlefleet Gothic

It’s good to know that I have fans out there on the internet looking out for me!

I’ve had some more emails to inform me of a bunch more of my resin models going up for sale on eBay from the seller “blackwater_hollow”. Questions of whether they were legitimate were again raised and so to get to the bottom of it I contacted blackwater_hollow. I was able to trace the details and confirm that these are indeed genuine casts of mine – it turns out that he picked up the kits from a person with whom I traded a whole bunch of stuff earlier in the year. Unfortunately that person had had a change of circumstance and had to offload a lot of his BFG stuff. So there you have it – these are not recasts, so feel free to bid on them!

Thanks for the heads up, internet friends!

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  1. jimmyzimms Says:

    Glad that plenty of peoples were looking out like that. I just popped over to give you the heads up myself and saw this post. I think you’re letting him off the hook though as he’s blatantly using pics he nicked off your site in the listing (that at least should be reported to ebay) using your casting and vaaish’s great painting skills to make a quick buck.

    regardless keep on trucking buddy!

  2. Mangozac Says:

    Thanks Jimmy. Yeah at first I was a little annoyed that he was using some of my pics (and the pic of the painted ships Vaaish took for me), however after speaking to him and confirming that the ships are genuine I don’t have a problem with it. He’s lucky to have scored the kits and can make some money on them, so I really don’t mind. Plus my name on the pictures gives me some free exposure!

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