Completed: Zeus Destroyer Commission

Posted on 1 Oct 2011 by in Battlefleet Gothic, Showcase

Well it’s all done! The master model was completed and moulded this morning, and I’m already pumping out the bunch of copies required for the commission. For best results casting (and to prevent having any gates damaging details) I decided to break the model into two pieces, with the prow and hull separate. Add the two turrets and that makes it a four piece model. I went with the usual single part split mould for this one, with all of the parts together on one tiny sprue. There’s actually more resin used up in the sprue block than there is in the model itself!

Overall the project has turned out fantastically, and certainly gives me the motivation I’ll need to do a Frigate sized variant for the same client later…

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  1. petay1985 Says:

    beautiful work fella, i’ll certainly be a a happy client and a proud owner!

  2. Tokyokampai Says:

    This is great work. I’m a big fan of your Tau work and was wondering are you ever going to finish the big battlesuit you were working on at ATT?

  3. Mangozac Says:

    Thanks mate. The Tau mecha project got shelved because I got fed up with all of the GW IP arguments surrounding doing such models – doing commission stuff can be a bit more free. I have however been working on some generic 28mm mecha stuff and hoping to get back into it once I complete the current batch of BFG stuff I’m working on ;)

  4. Tokyokampai Says:

    Ah, what kind of mech stuff? Conversion pieces or actual full blown mechs? Either way I’m excited to see some mech stuff coming down the pipe. Sucks that GW killed that project because of their over-zealous protection of their IP but what ya gonna do? Here’s to quality work! :D

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